Your logo and brand are two of the most important aspects of your business. They are like the face and wardrobe of your company. You may not be able to judge a book by its cover but that doesn’t stop people from doing it anyways!

A consistent brand helps a business build a strong, loyal, customer base quickly. Businesses that are easily identifiable by their customers do better than businesses that lack brand consistency.

A full Identity Suite will start with the overall message that best represents your business. What is your elevator pitch? This will shape your entire brand, once it is solidified, elements of the brand will be identified such as: what kind/style of imagery best represents your business, what the basic color palette will be, font families, and any icons needed. These pieces will all be laid out together as a brand style guide. Different aspects may change over-time but this guide will aide in the creation of the logo. From there we will identify how you will use your stationary and I will design pieces that will best suit your needs.